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Hello Girls,

This is a vent-out kinda a post from the things I daily see on the beauty scene. As much as women are getting more and more creative every single day, some other women are taking it way too overboard with setting some weird trends with makeup. On many occasions, I either feel it is just a misjudgement from their side, desperately seeking too much likes or simplicity is no longer the true keynote of elegance as we once learned!

These are the various beauty trends that need to get off our shoulders as soon as possible:

1) Enormous Eyebrows and Eyebrows that have no correlation whatsoever with your hair colour.

2) Obsessive Compulsive Contouring:

What the hell is wrong with women these days. The art of contouring is to subtly give structure for the face. Once I see your geometric lines, it looses the purpose. All of it! Unless you are walking for a catwalk or posing for an editorial shoot, this is not a wearable street look at all. This qualifies for Cirque De Soleil only!

3) Drag Queen Makeup:

Yes you can have very creative skills, and yes you can show them off but having photos of makeup that looks like this to show how you are superior in your blending abilities doesn't make you a beauty guru. This my dear is drag queen makeup only!

4) Not using makeup tools because you are so cool like that:

What is wrong with women applying foundation with dishwasher sponges and contouring with forks? God has created makeup tools to prevent you from doing that in the first place. I don't know what is cool about using a a mop to blend your eyeshadow. Enough! Are we really this desperate for attention?

5) Claw Nails:

The Maleficient herself would sue you for such a trend!

6) Grey Hair:

Why are you in a rush my dear? Ten years down the road and you will wake up with some scary load.

7) 3D Nail Art:

Well Michelangelo's wife might be the only person on this planet who would flaunt these.

8) Highlighter overload because I truely shine from within. We all know that your pure soul and inner light reflects on your outside look but calm down please!

9) Excessive Eyelashes:

Yes, I love eyelashes but girls who stack them up are just wrong!

10) Using Color Correctors when you don't need it:

Not because Sephora has it, then they have to land on your face eventually. Use it when and where you need it only! Check my previous blogpost to learn how!

11) This Nose Ring:

Unless someone promised you that you will be reincarnated into a cow in the after life, this is not allowed to happen ever!

Editor's Note:

My full respect to the women behind all these pictures. The purpose of this blogpost is to point out the trends and is not in anyway making fun of any of them. They are all beautiful women that I found their pics online and I don't know anyone in person.

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