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Hello Girls,

There are some days where I really want to detox my skin from makeup and all the chemicals that comes with it. There are also days where I need a break from skin care creams and resort more to natural ingredients that are in my kitchen.

The one beauty hack that I love doing on a day where I don't have much to do, no appointments, meetings or shoots and I am just happy crashing on the sofa in my PJ's, is massaging my skin with tomatoes. I love doing that especially if the tomato is a little bit extra ripe and cold too.

Here is why I do that at least once a week:

1) Helps with open pores:

Tomatoes is very rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants all of which play a great role in deeply cleansing the pores and eventually tightening them.

2) Lightens dark spots:

Tomatoes have been widely considered as a natural bleaching agent helping to lighten up skin's pigmentation that have occurred due to heavy exposure to the sun or left over marks from acne.

3) Treats acne:

Since tomatoes are natural exfoliants and they help detoxify the pores, they act as great healer for acne inflammation.

4) Enhance's Skin's Complexion:

Tomatoes contain huge loads of Vitamin C which is the most important ingredient when it comes to skin's glow.

5) Anti-Wrinkle Treatment:

Tomatoes have the ability to make the skin absorb high levels of oxygen; which as a result helps the skin looks well-hydrated and more youthful.

6) Natural Exfoliant:

Tomatoes help to smooth away rough and dead skin and sheds to the surface a fresher layer making the skin look firm, tight and with a great glow.

7) Natural Sun Block:

Due to the presence of a great antioxidant called Lycopene in tomatoes, they act as the perfect shield to the skin from the harmful UV radiation.

How to do it:

It is fairly simple. Just cut a tomato in half and keep massaging the skin in clock-wise motion for 2 minutes and anti-clock wise motion for another two minutes. Concentrate on problem areas. Leave the juice on the face to dry for 30 minutes and rinse with cool water.

See Ya!

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