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The Right Guide to Your Skincare Routine

I get tons of questions about how to use each skincare product and what is the right amount of times to use it per week. Women tend to be very confused when it comes to handling the products they buy from scrubs, to creams, to toners, washes, facial masks as well as serums.

Here is the ultimate one-minute guide to your overall skin care routine; irrelevant of the brands used:

1) Facial wash: twice a day. Morning and Night

2) Toner: Twice a day

3) Moisturizer: Twice a day

4) Facial Mask: once a week

5) Facial Scrub: Once a week

6) Retinols and Chemical peelings: Prescribed with the dermatologist

7) Eyecreams: Twice a day

8) Eyebrow/Lash serums: Once at night

9) Lip scrub: Three times a week

10) Lip Balm: All the time especially in winter

11) Nail Cuticle Oils: Three times a week.

12) Pumice Stone: With every shower

13) Body scrub: Twice a week

14) Body wash: Everyday

15) Deodorant: 3 times a day

16) Body Wax strips: Once every 3 weeks

I guess this should keep you less confused. Happy Skin-Caring :)

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