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`Hello Girls,

It has been a really long time since I last posted. So, today I woke up this morning with the intent of getting the beauty daily blog posts back. I promise you that the posts will be more often from now on, so get your gears ready because there are some awesome ones coming your way.

Today, I will list for you the outstanding beauty uses for Coconut Oil. Virgin Organic Coconut oil is the best multi-tasking product that you can buy for you and your family. Not only this miracle oil is used in cooking, it has a huge variety of benefits to your hair, skin, and nails. Not to mention, pregnant ladies, nursing women and new moms will be using this oil for almost everything that has to with their new born angels too.

Here are only some of the greatest uses:

1) Makeup Remover:

Apply some coconut oil on the palm of your hands, warm it up so it starts melting a bit and massage the face with the product for about two minutes. Wash your cash regularly afterwards.

2) Shaving Balm:

If you ran out of shaving balm and you need to shave urgently, coconut oil is your best option. It does a better job than the actual shaving balm as it leaves your skin ultra smooth and smelling like paradise.

3) Body Lotion:

Apply it everywhere that needs to be moisturised. Gives a great glow to the skin if your planning to flaunt a short skirt or a dress. All the models I worked with use this trick to make their bodies look glowing in pictures.

4) Baby Hair:

Baby hair is the most annoying thing ever! No matter how good your hair looks, baby hair tend to ruin every women's day. Not only is it hard to manage, but it is just almost impossible to keep it in place. With some hair spray, coconut oil and a tooth brush you can take baby hair in seconds.

5) Split Ends:

If you have split ends, use a small amount if coconut oil on the dry damaged areas every day.

6) Cuticle Oil :

Coconut oil works on moisturising your cuticles and nail beds in seconds. It provides your nails with the nourishment they need to remain healthy, strong and grow longer.

7) Messy Eyebrows:

We know at least one person in our life that are constantly frustrated with their messy eyebrows. Tell them to use coconut oil to help tame them, keep them in place and make them look neat.

8) Lip Balm:

Why would you go and buy lip balm when you have a jar of natural coconut oil at home. A great remedy for dry and cracked lips in the winter season.

9) Stretch Mark Cream:

Yes I have heard wonders of Bio Oil, but also give coconut oil a try. This tip has been recommended by many hollywood stars and they sure get everything right, don't they?

10) Under Eye Cream:

If your eyes are tired, wrinkled or dry then coconut oil is your best and safest bet.

11) Body Scrub:

Get some sugar and mix it with some coconut oil and scrub your dead skin away in the shower.

12) Acne:

Coconut oil has been a great remedy for many girls with acne since they contain the most powerful two anti-microbal agents: Capric Acid and Lauric Acid. These acid help repair the protective acid layers of the skin that has been constantly destroyed by acne inflammation and acne medication. It also contains Vitamin E which keeps the skin healthy, ensures proper functioning of sebum glands and clears blockage.

13) Mum and Kids:

Coconut Oil can be used to prevent lice, as a massaging oil for babies, diaper rash, baby acne, bath oil, eczema, mosquito bites and dry nipples.

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