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Hello Girls,

I miss you all so much and so glad I am back to blogging. My life was upside down lately juggling between Dubai and Cairo. Here I am, with a whole new range of blog posts that will hopefully help you with your beauty routines.

I get tremendous amounts of questions about Eyebrow Microblading, what it is and if it is worth going for. So, I compiled for you the frequently most asked questions regarding this matter and I hope you find this blog post as beneficial as possible.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of tattoo where pigment is implanted under your skin.

Does Microblading add hair?

Contrary to popular belief, microblading does not add hair. The professional artist only draws hair-like strokes with a tool to mimic natural hairs in your eyebrows.

Does it hurt?

Some discomfort will occur, some bleeding during the session, pink skin for the first couple of weeks will be slightly noticeable and in some cases a mild form of itching depending on how sensitive your skin is.

How Long does the procedure take?

Usually, the procedure is divided in two sessions: the first one around 2 hours and the second touch -up one is around 30-60 minutes.

Is the touch-up session important?

Even if you feel you do not need it, the touch-up session is very important. Do not skip it.

When will I see final results?

In about 10-15 days from the initial session.

Can I do microblading during pregnancy?


How do you choose the shape of the eyebrow?

You can choose the shape you want but always seek professional advice as to which shape suits your face better. An eyebrow shape that looks great on someone does not necessarily have to look great on you and vice versa.

How long does it last?

It is not as permanent as the regular tattoo. It lasts from 1-3 years.

Can I change the shape of my eyebrows to suit trends?

Absolutely. You can change the shape after it has totally faded away; basically after 1-3 years.

Final Verdict:

Only attempt such a procedure, if you truly need it. If you manage to make your eyebrows look great with powders and gels than you definitely do not need it. Only those who stopped growing eyebrows or who have unrealistically thin ones should go for it.

Please do not make the excuse of "it saves time." Filling in your natural eyebrows does not take more than 60 seconds. You do have 60s to spare, right?

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