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Hello Girls,

I know many men and women who suffer from dandruff either because it is something hereditary or because of dry scalps or maybe a skin condition. In all cases, here is my little trick for you to get rid of hair dandruff with a product that is on your sink right now. This product is Listerine. Yes, the mouth-wash!

Who could have even thought of something so simple that gets rid of something so drastic. Unfortunately, Dandruff not only kills our looks but also ruins our dark clothes. Nothing is more annoying than wearing a lovely black dress that is covered with dandruff on the shoulders. The problem is equally as disturbing for men too. So, if you know someone who has dandruff, take them through this tip. They will be forever thankful to you!

The idea behind this tip:

Listerine contains mentol, thymol and eucaloptol. These ingredients have anti-fungal and antiseptic products that are vital in keeping the scalp in great condition.

How to use it:

All you need to do is mix half a cup of Listerine with half a cup of water and our it over clean shampooed hair while massaging the scalp in circular motion. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then give it a good rinse. Apply a good amount of conditioner afterwards as you would normally do.

Important points:

1) Use the Orange Listerine for best results.

2) Condition your hair well after this tip.

Stay Beautiful!

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