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Hello Girls, May women get lazy when it comes to preparing their own facial masks with natural ingredients. It is tiring and very time consuming, especially if you are running a busy schedule all day. Here is my little tip for you to ensure that you give your skin some natural food without having to go through extreme measures of boiling, peeling, preparing and the hectic washing afterwards. Whether you are a mother or not, you are all familiar with baby food, right? Those small little jars that have apples, pears, and all those not-so-yummy pureed vegetables. These are some excellent combination of natural and preservative-free ingredients that you can swipe on your face and leave it on for 30 minutes. Once a week, choose a certain combination of vegetables and fruits and indulge in it! Giving your skin some real ingredients and real food that is preservative and chemical-free will ensure a healthy glow, a great supply of nutrients and a great deal of anti-oxidants benefits too. Here are some of my favourite combos: The Red One by Ella's Kitchen: Contains strawberry and grapes. This is a great source of Vitamin C, Anti-oxidants, a natural skin exfoliator, improves skin complexion and is great in enhancing the appearance of saggy skin.

Bananas Bananas:

A great mask for people with oily, acne prone skin. This mask is very rich in potassium which helps in hydrating the skin; thus preventing the over production of oils which causes acne. It is also rich in vitamin E, A and B which are necessary vitamins for a healthy glow, less wrinkles and less blemishes.

Berry and Yoghurt Face Mask:

A great mask people with dull, rough and dry skin. This is also a great mask to apply before makeup. It enhances the skin's appearances, removes rough skin and cleanses the pores. It is rich in Aspartic acid which has enormous detoxifying properties too.

Apples Apples Apples:

The copper content in the apples help to enhance the production of melanin for the skin. Melanin is essential in aiding the skin to fight the ultra-violet harmful rays of the sun. In addition, the Vitamin C content of the apples helps to re-store the collagen production of the skin which is the number one factor that helps the skin looking younger, plumped up and with far less wrinkles.

There are also other great brands like Hero, Hipp, Heinz, Gerber, Plum, Bobovita and many more. Feel free to experiment with other combos too!

If it is safe on your baby's tummy, it is definitely safe on your face. Please don't apply the spaghetti and meat balls on though :)

So there you have it! Feed your baby and your face all in one go!

Multi-tasking at its best!

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