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Hello Girls, This is going to be a fairly quick post, not like the other ones, of an acne-product that I was prescribed by my dermatologist in Cairo which has been a life-saver ever since.

My skin is probably the most sensitive of all skin types and I have tried every single product to kill my easily aggravated acne and tighten my pores; but with no luck. Apparently, my skin is the type that needs extremely mild treatments/ products; otherwise it flares up into a whole jungle of breakouts like there is no tomorrow.

Having lost the battle, I gave in and decided to go to a dermatologist in Cairo. He prescribed to me the one soap that has promised to leave my face clear, glowing and acne-free: Sebamed Anti-Bacterial Facial Wash! And it was really up to the promise!

I have been on this Facial Wash for over three months now and I can not be more grateful to this doctor that gave me this piece of advice.

So, for those of you who are really suffering, go grab this facial wash today. It is widely available in every pharmacy here in Cairo.

Goodbye for now

See you next beauty post!

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