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Hello Girls

Since I have been a makeup instructor for over 3 years now, I have gathered all the information from my beautiful students about the wrongdoings they have been committing with their beauty habits. These sins have been repetitively done by most of the women I know in my life; which is exactly why I had to voice my concerns out in this blogpost :)

Anyways, let's get to work:

This is a compiled list of most of the makeup mistakes that have been confessed:

1) Applying Foundation without moisturiser:

Moisturiser is a vital first step for makeup. If you layer on your foundation right on top of your bare face your foundation will look dull, cracking and extremely cakey. Maybe, this is why you hate wearing the foundation in the first place. Try applying moisturiser first and see the difference for yourself.

2) Applying concealer without eye cream:

The same exact concept as using moisturiser under foundation. Your eye area needs to be well hydrated before applying your concealer, so that the concealer does not set in your wrinkles or fine lines.

3) Applying concealer without setting it with powder:

After your finish applying your concealer, you have to set it with powder so that it doesn't crease or move or even worse make those irritating lines that drive us all crazy.

4) Applying Matt Lipsticks on dry, cracked lips:

If you have cracked lips then matte lipsticks are not for you. At least for the time being until your lips heal, go for moisturising ones.

5) Applying your unsharpened kohl to your lower lash line:

One of the many reasons why your kohl melts is because the kohl you applied was not fresh and had build up of yesterday's makeup product. Every time you apply kohl, you need to sharpen it first.

6) Applying Bronzer on the apples of the cheeks:

Come on, girls! It all comes with common sense. Your cheeks will never turn brown or gold no matter how many days you soak yourself in the sun. Your cheeks will always be peachy, red or pink. This is exactly where you apply your blush.

7) Filling your eyebrows with black eyeshadow:

No. That's it. Even if your eyebrows are black or your hair is black or your cup of coffee is black, do not do that!

8) Applying new mascara on top of your old mascara:

The only result I can guarantee for doing this are lashes that look like they are about to receive a death sentence. They will look clumped, dry and weird. So, if yesterday's mascara is too stubborn to remove today, leave it as it is.

9) Applying foundation on pimples:

This method will not totally cover the discolouration of the pimple, it will only conceal just a small amount. If you want to totally burry that pimple, use a green colour corrector first and then top it of with your foundation.

10) Sleeping with your makeup:

I am not even interested in listening to your excuses about that matter!

11) Wearing the wrong foundation:

I have done a youtube episode on how to choose your perfect foundation colour, check it out girls. Link is below.

12) Wearing dark lipsticks to business meetings:

Dark lipsticks are extremely sultry and sexy, so do not wear them in business meetings as they are very distracting. Unless you really want to distract that person, so go ahead then :)

13) Wearing lipgloss in a windy place:

Well, I have learned this the hard way. I applied my lipgloss in an outdoor restaurant on a very windy day, and what happened was that my hair got stuck to my lips and then moved to my face which left me with streaks of colours all over my cheeks. You can only do that only if you hair is in a ponytail.

14) Using highlighters or shimmery products on wrinkles and fine lines:

All they do is bring more light and attention to these facial flaws, leaving you looking older.

Stay Beautiful!

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