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Lash-Fall No More!

Everyone is up to lash extensions because of the effortless dressed up look it gives the face. Understandably, fake lashes make your face look fresh, made up and will not cause you to resort to any makeup even eyeliner.

Like with everything else, it does come with a little bit of a side effect. With most women, not all, the real lashes fall out faster than before and in some instances lashes take ages to grow back on.

There are some things to take into consideration when you apply fake lashes:

1) The hygiene of the place

2) The professionalism of the service provider

3) The quality of the glue used.

With this being taken into consideration, if you have been an avid user of lash extensions and you want to take a break for a while, here are some of my most favorite lash serums that can help you in the recovery of your natural lashes.

1) Joviality

2) Foltene

3) Areej

4) Ecrinal

Remember, consistency is key to find results.

Find most of the above in Bloom Pharmacies.

Stay Beautiful!

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