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How To Nail-it Post Gel Nails!

For every 10 women, there are about 8 of them with gel nails on. For the past three years and this trend have been taking the women's attention by storm. The main reason is because of how low maintenance it is. You apply it once every three weeks and your nails look fresh as new. Working women, new mums, athletes, college girls are all drawn to the convenience of this trend.

However, nothing is too good to be true. Yes, it does have side-effects to the nails and yes your real nails get weaker, broken and in some rare instances they make take months to be normal again. This leaves us with one of two options: either we surrender to the trend forever or we enjoy it for a while and fix our nails for a little while also; as a result.

I have been on this journey myself and I am currently getting back my nails on track again.

Will I do it again? Maybe.

Is it worth it? Maybe.

Is it a bad trend? No, if it saves time for many. After all, beauty comes at a cost.

Here are some of my favorite "cuticle and nail" oils that are a must-have or at least one of them:

1) Areej

2) Nail 15

3) Mavala

4) Joviality

5) Osvaldos

6) Foltene

That's it for now. See you next post!

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