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How to Conquer Winter Skin Dryness

Many questions have been sent to me regarding the excessive skin dryness that happen to most of us during the winter season be it body, face or something as simple as lips. However, let's tackle each subject on its own and start with excessive body dryness.

Excessive body dryness in winter looks like "extremely flakey skin" that might look a little bit like dandruff on your dark clothes. Before giving you the solution to this syndrome, let's talk first about the causes.

Excessive skin dryness happens because of any of the following reasons:

1) Bathing in extremely hot water:

It is understandable how tempting hot water is nowadays, but please make sure to adjust the temperature so it is not extremely hot. Hot water disrupts the PH of the skin which causes less reduction of the skin's natural sebum. Thus; skin gets too tight, flakey and in most cases itchy. Not to mention, it looks horrible.

2) Lack of Moisturization:

Not only does the hot water causes dryness, cold weather is as equally damaging. Moisturizing twice a day in these weather conditions is also a must.

3) Lack of Water Consumption:

Presumably we don't get thirsty enough but please keep better track of your water intake even if you don't feel like drinking. And no, electrolytes won't do the trick for you.

4) Shaving:

Shaving with a sharp razor also leaves the skin very vulnerable to dryness, so please make sure to use a moisturising shaving foam and to moisturise after. (More on that later!)

5) Lack of Humidity in Your Rooms:

This happens when you use excessive heating in your rooms and the air gets completely dry. Staying in dry indoors dries out your skin accordingly. So please, keep a little bit of air ventilation in your otherwise warm rooms.

Now, Let's get to the solutions:

1) Scrub your body twice a week with an oil-based scrub.

2) Moisturize your skin while it is still wet in the shower with "Baby oil "or "Bio-oil" before drying with your towel.

3) Pat dry afterwards with a towel.

4) An extra drop of body butter during the day or at night can do wonders. Keep it next to your bed.

5) If you are shaving, please use "Aloe Vera" gel afterwards. This is a must!

Simple Tricks that do wonders.

Happy Wintering!

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