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Hello ladies,

Today, I will speak to you about the numerous benefits of "Dry Skin Brushing." Dry skin brushing is the new beauty ritual that you need to start incorporating very morning, every other day or even prior to every shower. The more you incorporate this method in your lifestyle, the better results you will see on the long run. I have listed for you the most immediate results you will achieve down below, so get ready to start exploring how this amazing method can transform the way you look and the way you feel too.

What is Dry Skin Brushing?

Dry Skin brushing is the act of using a natural bristled body brush to brush your dry skin from head to toe in soft circulating motions before hitting the shower.

What are the Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing?

Dry skin brushing is the best maintenance you can do for the largest organ in our body: The Skin. Since our skin gets exposed to most of the toxins from inside of our systems as well as environmental pollutants from outside, properly maintaining it has numerous benefits and looking young and glowing is only one of them.

1) Dry Skin Brushing properly exfoliates the skin. This one is very easy to understand since it is only normal to think that skin brushing helps removes build up of dead skin.

2) Toxin Elimination: Dry skin brushing increases the flow and the blood circulation to our skin which aids in the complete removal of the unnecessary toxins in our body. Bringing more oxygen as well as blood to the surface of our skin, rejuvenates the body inside out. Many women have reported that they having been seen a major improvement in their body and facial acne with this method too.

3) Cellulite Improvement: Since dry skin brushing is responsible for dead skin removal as well as toxin elimination, many women have reported that they have seen a great deal of improvement in the appearance of their stubborn cellulite. Cellulite is the build up of fat as well as toxins around certain lazy parts of the body and skin brushing greatly helps in breaking them down.

4) Firmer Skin: Skin brushing helps in making the skin more young and firm and this action has been very successful with people who have lost a considerable amount of weight and suffer from saggy skin. So, if you know someone who lost weight you can definitely recommend this method to them.

5) Better Immunity: It goes without saying that detoxing of the body (toxin elimination) will greatly improve your immunity system.

6) More Energy: Better immunity, less toxins and better blood circulation will definitely result in us feeling more energised and rejuvenated.

7) Nervous System: Dry skin brushing rejuvenates the nervous system by stimulating all the body's nerve endings to the skin.

Where to buy the Dry skin Brush?

Always opt for natural, stiff, cactus brush bristles with a fairly long handle to make sure you reach all points of the body like the back.

I usually get mine from the Body Shop, so it should be available in your country of residence. Any other brand would do, but for me The Body Shop brush does the job perfectly at a great price too.

How to do the skin brushing?

All you need is to start brushing the body starting from the ankles going upwards in soft circular motions clockwise and anti-clockwise. Do not use water, lotions or soap. After you are done with the skin brushing, get into the shower and alternate the use of hot vs. cold water to help in properly stimulating the nerve endings. Once you finish, generously apply your favourite body butter, body lotion or body cream.


Dry Skin brushes are only used on the body and never the faces. Stop at where you neck starts! Some people use them for the face, but I personally believe that the bristles are too harsh for the facial delicate skin. Use the regular Clarisonic brush for the face instead.

Stay Tuned, Stay Beautiful!

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