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Hello Girls,

I know a lot of women who either hate foundation application, don't know how to properly apply it, don't need too much of its coverage or simply don't have the time in the first place.

Here is a little pro-tip that you can do that will make you skip your foundation, but will still kill the oiliness and go a huge way into hiding your pores.

All you need is:

A good colourless or white mattifying primer: The Bodyshop or Revlon Photo Ready Liquid primers are awesome for this trick!

A tinted foundation loose powder by Revlon, MAC or Laura Mercier will do an awesome job.

Kabuki Brush

How to do it:

-All you need to do is get a good amount of primer on a mixing palette or a plate

-Dip your kabuki brush to get a reasonable amount of loose powder

-Mix the powder on the kabuki brush with the liquid primer

-Apply all over the face with the Kabuki Brush in fast circular motion concentrating on open pores by going clockwise and anti-clockwise on this specific area.


This tips works perfectly with women who have good skin but with recognisable pores. If you need colour correction for your redness or pigmentation too, this is when you will need to apply a little bit of foundation too.

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