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An elixir addition to my diet/beauty: Rose-Infused Water!

You know how Syrians and Lebanese women have this poreless, gorgeous, wrinkle-free skin that accompanies them through their old age? Ever wondered what is the secret behind it?

Well, after countless research and with lebanese roots myself, I have found out that the answer is in their religious consumption to "Rose Water". They drink it, use it in desserts, use it as a toner on their faces, as air-fresheners in their living spaces as well as in their "White-Coffee" (more about that in a minute).

Here is why you need to incorporate this magic elixir ASAP:

Glowy-hydrated skin:

Rose water is filled with antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, C, B and E. All the perfect ingredients that contribute to depigmented glowy, hydrated as well as glowy skin.

Skin Soother:

It also works like magic when it comes to chronic skin irritations as well as inflammation especially those suffering from acne.

Mood Enhancer:

It aids in relaxation as it has antidepressant as well as anti-anxiety properties.

Aids in Digestion:

If you have been to a lebanese feast you will always be served with "White-Coffee" at the end of the meal. White coffee is basically "Hot Rose Water" to aid in digestion and balance the stomach's PH.

Odour killer:

Consuming enough rose water makes you have clean breath as well as clean perspiration.

Here is what I have been doing for 2 months:

-I fill my workout bottle with regular water and add 3 -4 caps of rose water. I sip on it ll day and I can tell you my face, skin even my hair haven been thanking me ever since.

-I also use it as a toner before my face cream and after washing my face.

-Furthermore, I spray some rose water on the empty parts of my scalp and my hair has been growing wonderfully.

-I use it in an undiluted oil form as an air freshener to enhance my mood and to make my home smell clean in my diffusers.

-I haven't been baking with it but I love those lebanese rice-pudding that are infused with rose water and orange blossom.

Where you can buy it?

Attar or the baking section in any supermarket. You can also order it from "Rabbit App".

Favorite brand is:


35 LE

See you next post flowers :)

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