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There isn’t a place that is often visited by women more than beauty spas or hair salons. It’s the place where women regain their composure, enhance their moods, feel relaxed, channel in their positive energy and leave the world behind for a couple of hours. You will never find a woman getting out of a salon or spa without feeling fresh, motivated and ready to conquer the world with a smile. As much as these places are the safe haven for many women, let’s not forget that places like these need to be dealt with extreme cautiousness. Any place where there are many people sharing tools, towels, chairs, and tubs has to be used with a high degree of hygienic conscious from both the service provider and the customer’s side. Let's not forget that Virus C and Aids are indirectly spread when beauty salons don't practice a high degree of sanitisation.

Here are some hygienic tips to keep in mind on your next visit to the salon:

  • Make sure that the place looks and smells clean. The overall atmosphere gives a general impression about the quality of service being provided.

  • The service provider should have clean hands, hair tied back and a spotless uniform. It is important to note that if the person who will provide the service is not practicing good hygiene, chances are the tools they use will not be safe either.

  • If you are doing Pedicure or Manicure make sure that they pour fresh clean warm water in front of you and add an anti-bacterial effervescent to the tub.

  • Always keep your own personal stuff with you. If you forgot your stuff, make sure that any tool they use is taken out of a sterile vacuum bag.

  • Always carry with you anti-bacterial wipes and wipe the part of the chair where your hand will be resting.

  • Don’t drink or eat anything in a hair salon unless it is served in disposable plastic cups or plates.

  • Wipe the area on the tub where your head will be resting with anti-bacterial tissues.

  • Make sure any towel that is used on your hands, feet or head is spotless.

  • If by any chance you got injured while you are cleaning your nails, ask the service provider to instantly change the tools and make sure that they sterile the previous ones for fear of cross-contamination with future customers.

Taking extreme hygienic measures is vital in places like these. Cross-contamination, skin infection as well as fatal viruses are transmitted among women that do not take hygienic measures into consideration. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Stay Safe, Stay Beautiful!

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