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Hello Girls,

Like usual, I have been off to a business trip to Egypt and haven't been blogging for a while. Now, I am back with some tips of the do's and don't of the industry.

Today, I thought of letting you know some of my tricks when shopping in huge makeup stores like Sephora. Tricks that always help me get the best of my shopping spree, buy the right products for me and still be within my budget.

Here are a few things most makeup artists do:

1) Always keep an eye on the Sephora Official Online Store. Yes, you may have several Sephora outlets where you live, but trust me there are always products that you will never see except on the online website and at amazing prices too.

2) Always ask for their loyalty cards to redeem discounts and gifts. Yes, they do have a great range of loyalty cards depending on your spending habits. Once you collect a certain number of points, you will be surprised at the counter with either an unexpected discount or an unexpected makeup gift.

3) Always go to the counters that allow you to try products on yourself. I spend literally half my shopping hour on the counter trying everything on before I attempt a purchase.

4) If there is a free makeup session at any of the brands' counters go for it. You will learn tricks that you have never witnessed before.

5) Get in touch with a friendly sales person and let them show you around every corner of the store. They will be happy enough to help you and will be even happier if you load your bag with goodies too.

6) Go to the brushes section and buy the brushes you need. They are all displayed in a very user-friendly manner and each brush is written on it what it is used for. So, basically you will get exactly what you need. Yes, Sephora brushes are great and made of natural hair too!

7) The best part is on your way out when you are heading to the counter. You will find a huge display of mini travel friendly makeup products from mostly all brands in the store. They are amazing if you want something compact, if you can't afford the big sizes or even if you want to try something out without wasting too much money on the regular sizes. Clinique, Claudie, Nuxe, Sephora, Makeup forever, Glamglow, Benefit have a wide range of mini products over there. Worth a try!

Stay Tuned, Stay Beautiful!

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