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5 Smudge-free Eyeliner Tips

Everytime a stranger knows that I am a makeup artist I have to get that exact question:

"How do I make my eyeliner last longer without getting smudged?"

In a nutshell, I will give you all the tips I know to help you through your agony:

1) You have to sharpen your pencil.

2) Make sure your eyeliner is waterproof.

3) Your eyelids have to be dry with powder.

4) A good quality eyeliner is a must, it will make one hell of a difference.

5) If your eyelids are hooded, only draw a wing towards the end of the eye; not a full liner.

6) Gel liners are another very good alternative to pencil and are extremely long-lasting.


A great gel liner is Inglot. Safe on the lids and inside the eyes too. Give it a shot!

Happy Lining!

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