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Hello Girls

Many new mums do not have the energy or the time to dedicate a slot in their day for their beauty shopping. So, I have decided to help you save time and still do your doing shopping while you are running errands for your household too. All these listed products will be found in supermarkets as well as hypermarkets. So seriously, you have no excuse at all!

I have created for you a cool, easy and accessible beauty list that you can get on your next grocery trip. These are the typical stuff that I buy when I am in the beauty section of any hypermarket. So, there you go!

1) Cotton Pads

2) Cotton Buds

3) Makeup Sponges

4) Handcream

5) Biore Nose Strips

6) Ready Made Wax or wax strips

7) EyeMakeup Remover

8) Makeup Remover

9) Facial Wash: An excellent all natural purifying facial wash.

10) Nail Polish Remover

11) Hair Mask: An Outstanding hair mask

12) Baby Perfume

13) Mouthwash

14) Lip balm

15) Deodarant

16)Pure Honey: best used for facial masks

17) Rose Water

18) Garnier BB Cream

19) Body Wash

20) Ethyl Alchohol: to disinfect your hands, brushes and your sink

21) Brown Sugar for body scrubs

22) Sweet Almond Oil: Amazing for hair and body. Mix with some sugar for the perfect all-natural scrub!

23) Fantasies Body Splash

24) Heat Protect Serum: Apply prior to hair styling!

Stay Beautiful!

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