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Hello Girls,

Many girls just think makeup is only done by those who are born with it, took courses or spending their entire lives watching youtube tutorials. I respectively disagree with all of the above as there are many ways a girl can do her makeup in a simple way with simple tools and fake the "Beauty Guru" kinda look.

1) Eyeliner:

If you are having trouble drawing your eyeliner, then only draw the wing part which is the edge of the eye. Small thin one from the 3/4 towards the end of the eye in a diagonal way will give the illusion that you have a proper winged linger on.

Or Use Eyeliner Stencils

2) Don't know how to contour, then Strobe. Strobing is the act of applying highlighter on the high points of the face like the cheek bones, centre of the nose, centre of the forehead, brow bones and chin.

3) Get an eyebrow stencil for perfect eyebrows.

4) Apply colour correctors under concealers.

5) Turn a pale face into a sun-kissed complexion by applying bronzer on the edges of the face and blusher on the apples.

6) Use Sponges for your foundation. Never use your fingers. Sponges make your foundation look so natural. Not to mention, makes it easier to apply and more blendable.

7) Apply foundation/concealer only where you need it. Choose only certain areas on your face and dot with foundation or concealer. Don't cover the whole complexion.

8) If your skin doesn't need foundation but you are oily, dab with powder on T-zone only!

9) Prep your skin before applying makeup. Wash, tone and moisturise. This helps the makeup look more natural and less cakey.

10) Lots of mascara can do the trick. Invest in a good mascara and apply lots of coats.

11) If you have pores, hide them. Buy a good colourless silicone-based primer and cover your pores well. Top with powder and skip the foundation.

12) If you love eyeshadows but cnt apply them properly apply only one the lids. If you don't know how to blend colours, don't experiment. One colour on the eyelid is enough.

13) Good Light Means Good Judgement.

Try these out and let me know how it goes!

Stay Beautiful!

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