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Hello Girls, Been a really long time since I have written my last blog post. I miss you all and let's get things started! Today, I want to talk to you about makeup mistakes that are only myths. They are beauty myths that we get told by our mothers and grand mothers and we are expected to abide by. I personally free myself of any makeup rules, and truth be told; I tried every single thing on this myth list. It turns out that some of them actually worked with me quiet well and none of these myths has killed my look in any way. Moral of the story: try things out yourself and don't always listen to what others have to tell you about how something should or shouldn't be done. The 'Old Makeup Myths' that we need to get rid of and fast: 1) Smokey eyes are just for evenings: Well granny, maybe back in 1950's there wasn't this huge collection of different eyeshadow colours. Maybe back then smokey meant just black eyeshadow. Today, with the huge amount of shades available, smokey eyes can be brown, purple, navy blue and even emerald green. Maybe your era was missing out on some major Urban Decay Palettes too!

2) Glitter/shimmer is "Balady":

Well, for all those Egyptian girls out there, Glitter and Shimmer is definitely not baladi at all. It is only 'Baladi' when it is worn in an inappropriate place, at an inappropriate occasion or worn in excessive amounts. However, when done properly, it does transform the eye look. Trust me on that!

3) Nail Polish should always match your lipstick:

No, sorry! Totally disagree. I go crazy with my nail polish colours especially in the summer season. I am not entitled in any way to match my yellow nail polish to my lids!

4) Eyeshadows are worn only for weddings:

Excuse me? I will pretend I didn't hear that at all. No! I wear eyeshadows everyday. There is something called Nude Earth Tones eyeshadows. Here are some that I will definitely go to work with:

5) Nude Lipsticks make you look sick:

"Mum! Stop telling me this please". Nude lipsticks come in various shades from taupe, to pinks to beiges. Wearing the one that complements my skin tone will give off a very clean makeup look. I do agree however, some girls do apply nude shades that are too pale to their own complexion. So definitely avoid that!

6) Put lots of concealer under your eyes:

Even if I do not need it? Why? If I do not need concealer, I will not apply concealer. Full Stop!

7) Foundations will destroy your skin:

Welcome to the new era of beauty with BB creams, Cc creams and Serum-infused foundations.

8) The pinker the blush the better:

No! The pinker the blush, the more circus-like I look. A subtle flush is all you need to look healthy and glowy!

9) Eyeshadows should match your dress:

Not going to even tell you the amount of times I heard this from my clients. No dear, it doesn't have to. As a matter of fact, it shouldn't! Wear colours to match the dress only. Wearing an electric blue dress accompanied by an electric blue eyeshadow should only be done in "Fawazeer Ramadan".

10) Eyebrows should be identical:

Eyebrows are not twins, they are sisters. So if there are slight differences between both, it is more than fine! Take a chill pill!

Stay Beautiful!

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