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Hello it's Heba El Kaissy. I am an internationally certified makeup artist in 46 countries worldwide by London College of Makeup, a beauty blogger and a beauty training expert. This is a platform, which I consider my second home, that gathers all I have for you when it comes to beauty, makeup, skincare and everything in between. Enjoy!


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 Book your private makeup appointment with Heba and choose your desired payment option cash, visa and valU.

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Enjoy the luxury of booking a private makeup class with me that is completely tailored for you, your beauty needs, your outfits and your skin care routines.


Enroll with us in a wonderful beauty experience in a class of 30 women sponsored by many of our favorite brands and experts

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"Thank you for a beautiful course. Great value for money. Please do it more often."

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Women are known to be heroes but women fighting cancer silently are soldiers. I look at them with awe and can not help but admire their strength. Having women in my close circle of friends and family battling with that beast, all I can think of is how to give back to them. All Cancer patients as well as Cancer Survivors get all my services and courses free for life. I believe you do not have to win the battle as long as you win the war in the end. Ladies, I will be cheerleading in the backstage all the way until we win that war together. For now, let us have some beauty and makeup time. YOU DESERVE IT. 




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